Gekkeiju Online is on hiatus

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Gekkeiju Online is on hiatus

Postby Suvi » Sun Mar 26, 2017 3:32 am

Greetings wanderer!

If for some reason you've found yourself here while hoping to play Gekkeiju, I must sadly inform you that the game is and has been on hiatus for a couple of years now. Reason for this is that there simply has not been enough time to work the project as a solo developer.

The old version of the game is occasionally up - if you want to play it then the best bet is to write to our facebook-page and ask the server to be put up for you. This is the most failproof way of getting to play the game.

As for what may be in the future of the game - there have been plans of resurrecting the project but in a smaller scale - dropping virtual reality and open world etc and instead going with something like beta 3 and old world with of course up-to-date action combat and graphics. Work on this may eventually resume so I hope you keep an occasional eye on the project still.

Thank you all for your support for all these long years!

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