Secrets to fast health recovery

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Secrets to fast health recovery

Postby sonix » Thu Oct 02, 2008 6:21 am

Hey guys,
Today, I'm gonna talk about health and the quickest way to recover it without using up too many bandages. Basically, there are 3 secrets to fast health recovery, and they are listed below w/ a little description:

1. Stand or Sleep?
This part is very general. By pressing delete, you lie down and regenerate quicker than you would if you we standing. I have tried and tested this many times and have concluded that lying down/sleeping is a good way to recover your health quickly.

2. Firebuilding
Yes, its a basic skill that can be trained and used outside. The only downside to this skill is that it cannot be used indoors. This skill takes a long time to complete, but once completed, provides the surrounding players w/ instant warmth, which speeds up hp, sp, and ep recovery.

3. Hpr+ gear
Ever seen gear w/ hpr+ stats on it? Well, that gear actually increases the amount of hp you recover every 30 secs. If you have a lot of hpr+ gear on you, you will recover more hp every 30 secs than the average player.

Combination is always a good thing. If possible, combine some or all of the three parts above for maximum health recovery. These secrets can come in handy when you don't want to waste bandages, but at the same time want fast hp recovery.

HP=hit points
SP=spell points
EP=endurance points
HPR=hit point recovery

Good luck w/ these,
Yours Truly,

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