Becoming a miner/blacksmith while you still can

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Becoming a miner/blacksmith while you still can

Postby fire » Tue Sep 01, 2009 8:16 pm

As most of us know by now, crafting will change significantly in the new world.

It seems many of us are having a last go at crafting. Some players, who might be thinking abiut it might like a few tips. Since the profession is all but going anyway, I hope no-one gets annoyed about giving away game sensitive infromation.

Why try crafting?

Make loads of cash and exp.

Make some weapons and armour for yourself and friends.

You can sell stuff from your cart but this is a bit disappointing. Few things sell unles they're really cheap and you need your cart for more important stuff like storing your ores and ingots.

Spend loads of time reading the global chat. Some of it is quite funny.

So, first, what do you need?

I've worked out a build that, I believe, is the bare minimum. You will need about 14 mil exp and 250k gold. Less exp and I doubt you will have much success. Less gold and you will struggle big time.

You will need a mount. You're going to spend a lot of time running between Xal mines and Seito. Probably best to try to get hold of a couple of worms. These are cheap and if one dies, you have a spare. Your mount is unlikely to die from attack, more likely of starvation when you're not on it. You can inspect while mounted, but almost everything else needs to be done on foot.

You will also need some basic armour to take your armour class above 120. A plate breast plate will do a good job and not be too heavy. Also if you have any armours that have +DEX stats then these will help enormously. You need basic armour if you don't want to be killed by wandering worms. Being killed by a worm, as well as loosing your carried exp, is definately not cool.

The first thing you will need to buy is extra slots for your cart. You only get 1 initially. With 200K you raise this to 10.

The remaining 50k is needed for axes and hammers. These don't last long, about 30 to 40 hits each and need to be replace. It's best to buy 5 shiny axes before you go into the mine.

It is tempting to buy High Quality axes so you can mine HQ ores. HQ axes and hammers cost 38000 gc each. You get between 18 and 25 hits from each one. So, each ore will cost over 1500gc. Divine blueprints cost about the same each and you will need at least 5 for each item. The economics of high quality mining don't make a lot of sense except to make some stuff for yourself.

Get bulk orders. These pay good cash. You can easily make between 15k and 70k per order. Most will also pay between 15 and 25k exp. You will need this exp to improve your skills as you progress.

Only go for medium bulks. Easy don't pay much and hard take too much time. Try to get about 5 decent bulks at a time.

Getting bulk orders takes a while usually. Many are simply not worth doing. Throw these away.

You can only get a bulk order every 1.5 hours. So have another character which you can switch to while you wait to get some decent ones.

This is a list of the sort of bulk orders that you should accept.

dagger 1 ingot 1 bar
Katar 2 ingots 1 bar
Short sword 1 ingot 1 bolt 1 bar
Sickle 2 ingots 1 bolt 1 bar
Scimitar 1 ingot 2 bars
Cutlas 1 ingot 2 bolts 1 bar
Sabre 3 ingots 1 bolt 2 bars

long sword 1 ingot 3 bars
Flamberge 3 ingots 1 bolt 3 bars
katana 3 ingots 3 bolts 2 bars

Axe 2 ingots 1 bar
Battle Axe 2 ingots 2 bars

There may be a few others you might be offered but the important point is the amout of ingots needed.

bolts are made in packs of 5. Each 5 pack costs 10 ingots.
Bars are made in packs of 3. Again, each pack costs 10 ingots.

If you have any bolts or bars left over, save them for the next job.

An order for 12 daggers for example will mean: 12 ingots, 12 bars. So you will need 42 ingots to complete the order. I've made up orders using as many as 200 ingots. They took ages and the returns, while good are not worth the effort.

Generally, don't worry too much about which material. Some are easier to find than others but the important point here is, whichever material you are looking for is the hardest to find.

Only mine what you need. If you need 100 ingots, mine about 130 ores. With a 10 slot cart you don't have any space to store stock.

Your bank, of course, has 40 slots. But you will need these for your other characters.

The mine is split on two levels. In the upper level there is an inside and and outside. Work your way through the outside, searching each point before moving to the next. Then do the same in the inside. In the lower level, start at the top of the ramp and work your way round till you get back.

It's monotonous. Stay on your mount while you inspect but dismount while you mine.When your ep runs out, have another web page open to look at while you wait for it to recharge. Each search and each mine costs 10 ep. You get about 10% failures on a good day, and 30% on a bad day. If you are in a hurry, then you get more failures.

Quick slots.

As a miner/Blacksmith you will have a number of commands which you will need to put into quickslots.

This is my suggestions.

f1 = Inspect Deposit. f2 = Mining. f3 Emote. f4 Forge parts. f5 Forge weapon. f6 = forge armour f7 gem cutting.

6 = auto walk 8 = refining 9 = Mount

I put refining in 8 to reduce the chance of hitting it by mistake. If your refine twice you get divine ingots but lose some in the process.

Positioning the target cursor on the forge is critical. If you bring your view to its highest and closest, look at the top of the forge. There are some feint markings on there. Work out where best to position the cursor around these.

When you complete your bulk you get your cash, your exp and, usually a divine blueprint.

Only carry about 30k gc. Any more is just too heavy. Use your exp to raise your mining and blacksmith skills. Sell the blueprints unless it's something you especially want for yourself. Ocasionally you get a divine blueprint for a part such as bolts or plates. These are worth keeping to make stuff for yourself.

When making stuff to use, try to use divine Ingots. When you refine ores, they come out as Decent. If you refine them a second time they become divine. This will raise the stats of the finished product.

But 100 ores will make about 85 decent ingots and about 75 divine.

Divine blueprints will also raise stats. All divine gives the best results.


Race halfling. They get more exp and are so much cuter than any other. This second point is especially important if you want to maintain your appearence.

Class commonor.

Level 39.

STR 83 giving you a carrying capacity of 0ver 100kg

DEX 58 giving you about 180 ep.

CON 11 giving you 66 HP

Max the Blacksmith and miner guilds.


Blacksmithing 80 Maxed.

Forge armor 70 Maxed
Forge parts 70 maxed
Forge weapon 70 Maxed
Gem cutting 80 Maxed. (This might seem pointless but if you don't have it you won't raise your forging skills and you need to).

Inspect deposit 90
Master Miner 75
Mining 90
Refining 100 Maxed
Summon cart 80

Total 14042081 exp

With your earned exp you should raise Inspect Deposit, Master Miner and Mining.

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